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Lee Brooks

Custom SCORED Wedding Music


Music the moment deserves.


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Personal, emotional, exclusive—custom wedding music redefines what it means to have “your song,” and elevates the event experience. It is an expression of love and celebration that stays with you forever.

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From the ceremony to the wedding video, personalize each moment.

Please keep in mind that these are just samples! Instrumentation, tone and style are all up to you

About the Composer

Lee Brooks composes original music and arrangements for weddings and special events all over the world. He also writes for film and television, and is a musicologist, analyzing music for potential copyright infringement and originality. Lee previously worked as a music producer at major advertising firms. 

Lee is based in New York City. He has been happily married for ten years, and has two daughters.

About The Process

Lee will collaborate with you to create music that is personal, appropriate to the event, and coordinated with all your wedding elements, so that it is debuted properly and perfectly.

Every project is different, but this is a rough outline of the journey to creating your original piece of wedding music.

1. INITIAL CONVERSATION (in person, over the phone, over video chat) to better understand what you already have in mind. For example, some initial questions might include:

What kind of music do you love?

What type of tone do you hear when you close your eyes?

How big is your event and venue?

Do you prefer modern or traditional?

Do you intend to have a live performance or a pre-recorded track?

 2. DEMO PHASE: Based on our conversation and any references you share, Lee will craft a couple directions hat will work well for your moment. This will take at least a few days, depending on the scope of your needs.

3. APPROVAL AND WRITING: Once we decide on a demo direction, Lee will work out a full version of the piece.

4. FEEDBACK: We then work together to make any adjustments so that the music is perfect for you. Think timings, accents at certain moments in your ceremony, entrance or first dance, etc.

5. FINALIZING: The final step is packaging the completed work. That may include sheet music, mixed and mastered audio tracks, or a combination of the two. Lee can also specially print the music to gift to your partner.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this service for?

You could be a wedding planner/coordinator, a family member, a friend or the happy couple themselves.

Virtually anyone could commission an original piece of music on behalf of the couple. What could make a more meaningful lasting gift than music the couple could relive for the rest of their lives?

How do I know what I'm getting is totally original?

Lee has an extensive background in musicology. Musicology is basically the study of music, but is often applied to copyright and infringement issues. Lee is hired to evaluate musical works to find similarities and differences and make a determination if copyright infringement has occurred.

There is no benefit to the composer or the client for the music to be anything else besides fresh, new and unique.

You can be sure that every piece commissioned by Lee starts with a blank slate and an empty page, to be filled on a journey together.

Where are you located?

I’m based in New York City, but thanks to modern technology, that doesn’t impact the ability to work with anyone anywhere in the world. Let’s coordinate time zones and work it out!

Do you have any limits to the type of couple you'll work with?

Of course not! I’d welcome the opportunity to work with those of any faith, identity or orientation.

Can you coordinate with other parties involved in the wedding?

Absolutely. If you have family members who you want to be involved, a dancer or dancers to choreograph, a planner, or the manager of a space, most scenarios can be accommodated.

Do I need to read or write music for this to work?

Absolutely not. Just speak from the heart, and don’t be afraid to use whatever words come to you to describe what you’re thinking, feeling, and hoping for in the music that will accompany you down the aisle.

What are different uses for custom wedding music?

The most obvious use would be for the wedding ceremony itself, but people have commissioned music as a private love letter to their significant other, for their first dance, a wedding video or slideshow, or even for the evening after everyone has left.

Other ideas include weddings showers, rehearsal dinners or brunches. For Jewish ceremonies, ketubah signings and bedeckens are elevated by some subtle musical accompaniment.

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