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Lee Brooks


Television Work

Advertising Work

Licensing Opportunities

Original Music is fantastic, but not every project has the budget or timeframe required for a score built from the ground up.

There’s a solution for every situation.


Original Scoring

Start from scratch. Building from a temp track or just an idea, work to craft an original and unique piece, tailored and accented to every moment.

Hybrid Scoring

Start with one of Lee’s pre-existing tracks and expand, re-arrange, build or remix.


Library Tracks

Lee has hundreds of pre-scored tracks, songs and underscore, many of which are built in a modular way to be conducive to editing and re-arranging.

List of Select Clients

Lee has produced, scored and analyzed for countless clients.


His music has been featured in TV shows, trailers, specials and more

Series with Lee's Music

Episodes with Lee's Music


Lee is a truly gifted composer and one of the finest creative partners I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Simply put, I would not consider making a film without him.

Chandler Tuttle

CEO, FreeThink Media

I come back to Lee again and again for his flexibility, quick turnaround, production quality and creative problem-solving. He listens well to feedback and is responsive to client redirection and ideas. He also brings fresh ideas to the table, and is able to deliver scores across a wide range of genres.

Rupert Wainright

CEO, ECD, Adore Creative

Lee’s ear for finding the right narrative quality of the music is critical to me as a director, and his focus on letting the instrumentation build upon and help serve the larger story is immensely helpful.

Nick Childs

CCO, Reprise Digital

Lee Brooks is a disciplined, dedicated, and extremely organized music professional. He is quite reliable, proactive, and has developed into a fine Music Producer.

Josh Rabinowitz

Director of Music, Grey Worldwide

About Lee

Lee Brooks is a composer, producer, music supervisor and musicologist. He works with directors, producers, and companies worldwide to engage audiences through sound.

Lee’s work has been featured in campaigns for major brands in commercials, Web videos and television, films, conferences and corporates.

He is the lead composer for FreeThink Media, the “smart media” publication. He has collaborated with a range of talent, including Kronos and ETHEL string quartets, national orchestras, and dance troupes.

From YouTube to network channels, Lee specializes in advancing visuals to immersive stories through modern orchestral arrangements, compelling melodies, and emotional scores.

He is a classically trained composer by New York University, and also consults as a forensic musicologist, assisting artists and music companies to identify copyright infringement.

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